“...rich, historically fascinating document of the Japanese war bride experience...a wonderful contribution to Japanese history, U.S. history, and Japanese American history...”

-Velina Hasu Houston, Ph.D., Professor of Theater, resident playwright, and Director of Dramatic writing at the University of Southern Californai School of Theatre

“In a stunning tribute to his wife of 45 years, Michael Forrester’s Tsuchino, My Japanese War Bride is a compelling narrative that gives readers history and insight into the little-known and understudied story of Japanese war brides in America.

“Before leaving to serve in the US military in the occupation of Japan, New York-born Irish Catholic Forrester was cautioned by his grandmother to not return home with a Japanese bride! Fortunately, Michael Forrester did not heed the warning and in 1958, he married Tsuchino Matsuo - a strong-willed and determined woman who confounds any stereotypes readers might have had about Japanese war brides. Michael and Tsuchino’s story of love transcends cultural and language barriers at a time in American history when marriage between two different races was a rare occurence.”

-Regina F. Lark, Ph.D., UCLA Center for the Study of Women and Women’s Studies Programs

“We are impressed that you have come a long way in creating such an ambitious life, and have been eventually rewarded as both of you are happily enjoying the fruits of your efforts today. We only hope that you continue to bridge the cultures of Japan and the United States through your daily life, and promote our real and eternal friendship”

-The honorable Tadahiro Abe and Mrs Toshiko Abe Consul General of Japan, Seattle, Washington

”Ninin-sankyaku” means “two people with three legs” in Japanese and it is a running game often staged in a Japanese athletic carnival, where two people tie one of their feet together and try to run shoulder to shoulder as fast as they can without tripping over. Mike Forrester’s honest and moving narrative of his life with his Japanese wife, Tsuchino, shows how the couple put their joint effort to stay in course and almost complete the race just as two people with three legs. Together, Mike and Tsuchino experienced unexpected turns of their lives, and met the challenges with vigor.  It is a brilliant read!

Dr. Keiko Tamura, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Tsuchino, My Japanese War Bride is a remarkable story of love between a Japanese girl and an American serviceman in the aftermath of the American occupation of Japan. They battle against anti-Japanese prejudice and a military determined to separate them and prevent their marriage.  Like Tsuchino san, all war brides are brave and courageous ladies.  This book is a perfect example of what we can achieve with strength, determination, perseverance and above all – love.

This is a book you will not be able to put down. Both my husband and I could not stop reading until we finished. I would highly recommend this book.

Kazuko Umezu Stout, President, Japanese International Marriage Society


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