Letters from Readers

unsolicited letters received from readers of Tsuchino, My Japanese War Bride

What a fantastic book! It is a beautiful love story. As Steve Price said, I too find it hard to put the book down once I began reading. I took the book to bed (my favorite time of day) and began reading during the night and have read it until 3 am. I wanted to continue, but felt I must have my beauty rest and closed the book and turned the light off. Later I felt I should continue reading because I was wide awake with excitement....Teruko Pace, Kirkland, Washington


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Forrester:

     Thank you very much for sending me the your book "Tsuchino." It is very interesting, valuable informative and it has all the details on the International Marriage"  could be share with many Japanese War Brides.  My niece Sonoko has same experiences their marriage life in the United States, I believe.

     In Japanese culture there is a definite idea about the role that each partner should play in a marriage.  Men generally have more power than women and it is usually the man's salary that supports the household.  However, it is the wife who is the boss inside the house.  The Japanese husband almost always gives his salary to his wife and it is she who must look after the home.

    I think that the way you and Tsuchino san communicate very beginning are many reflections of your different cultures.  Japan is a group-oriented, vertical society while America is an individual-oriented, horizontal society.  These two differences make the way we communicate very different.

   Mike san were lucky!  You got marriage as a life partner a lady from Kyushu.  A lady  from Kyushu traditionally respect husband their family life.

  Thank you once again for sending me your book and I am looking forward to meeting with you and your lovely wife in near future.

With best wishes and respectfully,

Misao Makino, Ph.D. , Professor and Dean

Center for International Education and Exchange, Mejiro University


I am still reading your book but just ordered four more to share with my children. I want my grandsons to read it and perhaps be motivated by your experience with education.  Elenor Acompora, via Internet


I just want to tell you how moved I was by your book and how much I enjoyed your wonderful story!! ... Thank you so much for writing your story you and Tsuchino are so blessed to have such a wonderful marriage and I am eager for my family (husband, Jim and 3 daughters) to read about your lives together. My heart ached when I read your touching sentiments about not having any children of your own and I am close to tears every time I think what special children you would have had together. I certainly appreciate my own more after reading your words... Pidgeon Glover McGee, via Internet


I wanted to get this email out to the both of you and tell you how much I truly enjoyed the Book. It was for me one that I found I could not put down. No one could ever imagine the trials and heartache you both had to endure until they read the book. I surely did not imagine any of it till I read it. You both have a special Love that very few couples find in life and even though you both had to go thru so much for it no one or nothing can take it that away from you. This is truly a love affair. Kathleen, Via Internet


“What a Great Book!” Emil Dupuy, via Internet

Dear Mr. Forrester:

I just finished your wonderful book this week.  I could hardly put the book down
Setsy Sadamoto Larouche, via Internet

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