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March 30, 2005


Husband of Japanese War Bride Shares True Love Story


 Interracial marriages are largely accepted in today’s modern American culture, but that has not always been the case. During the post World War II era, American servicemen and their Japanese war brides were scorned in both countries for wedding ‘the enemy‘. Yet, many love stories between American servicemen and their Japanese brides had their origins under these distressing conditions.


 One grateful husband pays tribute to his own Japanese bride of forty-five years by writing the true story of their love in a rich, historically accurate autobiography. Tsuchino, My Japanese War Bride. Michael J. Forrester makes the claim that his Japanese war bride is a most remarkable woman and then delivers the proof in a compelling and true story between two people from different cultures in a time when interracial marriages, let alone a marriage to someone viewed as “the enemy”, were uncommon and generally unacceptable.


 Forrester makes his case for his wife‘s remarkableness by asking, “How many women have lived through the horrors of war with bombs falling on their homes? And how many have experienced the devastation of foreign occupation and defeat of their countrymen and then later married one of the enemy? How many women have had the strength to move to a foreign land with nothing but one sparse suitcase in hand? How many women can transcend the prejudice and disdain of others and still maintain their beautiful character?”


 “Michael and Tsuchino’s story of love transcends cultural and language barriers at a time in American history when marriage between two different races was a rare occurrence,” explains Regina F. Lark, Ph.D. UCLA Center for the Study of Women and Women’s Studies Programs.


 “His memoir of a successful transnational, interracial marriage makes a wonderful contribution to Japanese history, U.S. history and Japanese-American history,” says Velina Hasu Houston, Professor of Theatre, resident playwright and Director of Dramatic Writing at the University of Southern California School of Theatre. “These (Japanese) women have risen above prejudice and stereotype to live and live well.”


 Tsuchino, My Japanese Bride by Michael J. Forrester is scheduled for release by American Book Publishing on the birthday of the author’s Japanese bride, Wednesday, March 30, 2005. This book is available to order at stores near you.  It is also available at Amazon.com.



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